Costs for TV programming continue to rise

As your local cooperative, NHTC strives to bring you the highest-quality service possible at the lowest rates possible. In an effort to bring you the best possible service, NHTC has created a robust lineup of channels offering something for most everyone. We now offer up to 260 channels on our fiber network and up to 170 channels on our cable network.

Unfortunately, the network providers that we get our programming from have increased their rates year after year to the point where we have once again been forced to pass a portion of those increases on to our subscribers.

We want our members to know that NHTC is not alone in the struggle against continually increasing content costs. In a recent survey, conducted by Vantage Point Solutions, over 54% of rural video providers saw an increase of 100% or more in the retransmission fees that must be paid to the Television Broadcast providers to carry the local broadcast stations. Over two-thirds of the survey respondents acknowledge their video offerings are unprofitable and said that if the trend continues they were not likely to offer video service five years from now.

NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association which represents rural providers like NHTC continues to lobby the Federal Communications Commission to review and reform retransmission consent regulations to ensure that small rural video providers have access to affordable broadcast programming content.

NHTC will continue to offer video services so that you may choose the convenience of bundling all of your services, including voice, video, internet and security on one bill and we will continue to lobby the Federal regulators on your behalf for fair and equitable access to affordable programming.
Thank you for your business and support.